Chris Hantla

When Chris landed in Baghdad in 2004 fresh out of college, he thought his first job with an international NGO doing relief, development and mission work would somehow be just what the world needed. Instead, he got his first taste of just how hot the refining fires of life could burn and how quickly they could melt away every preconceived political, cultural or religious ideal he’d ever held. Disillusioned, afraid and ready to throw in the towel after only a few months, he met the Winships and had his first experience with the life-changing Identity Exchange process.

After discovering his identity as Christopher “the Bearer of the Christ,” and being mentored by the Winships in the principles of resiliency, hearing God, exchanging lies for truth, inner healing and spiritual transformation, he decided that he couldn’t get enough of this kind of inner-life work. So, in 2006, together with his new bride, Jaime he moved to California where they both earned Masters degrees from Fuller in Cross-Cultural Studies with an interdisciplinary focus on cultural and inter-religious relations, spiritual dynamics and inner-healing.

In 2012 Chris and Jaime returned to the Middle East with a one-year old daughter in tow and a team to endeavor peace-making efforts in high conflict communities. Since that time, they have also added two more wonderful kids to the mix. Chris was thrilled to join the Identity Exchange coaching team in 2019 and continues to reside overseas. He enjoys traveling to new places, playing and watching sports, winning at Spades with his wife against whomever they play, eating sushi (or pretty much any type international cuisine), and building tall Lego towers with his kids.