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Identity Exchange workshops offer a focused, experiential approach to discovering your true identity and practical applications for team building, collaboration, and creative problem-solving.

Participants will:
Identify triggers and coping mechanisms of the false identity that lead to feelings of shame, guilt, and fear resulting in unhealthy outcomes of competition, comparison, and fight or flight responses to daily situations.

Understand strategies for transforming the false self by accessing the root belief systems acquired through negative life experiences, reconceptualizing the negative beliefs to a new interpretation rooted in truth, love, and peace
The authentic, true, unique self can then emerge fully engaged with renewed energy based in rest, freedom and confidence with a core inner peace.

Workshop/Retreat Topics Include:
  • The Listening Lifestyle: Learning to Hear the Voice of Divine Love in Your Everyday Life
  • Identity Exchange Process: From Fear and Conflict (False Self) to Resiliency, Peace and Joy (True Self)
  • The Freeing Power of True Forgiveness
  • Building Identity-Centric, High Resiliency Teams
  • From Fear to Creativity (Mastering the Art of Intuitive Thinking)
  • Flourishing in Your True Self: Becoming Peacemakers in a Conflict-Ridden World
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Workshops/Retreats Offered:
  • Half-Day Workshop
  • Full-Day Workshop
  • Weekend Retreat
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