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  • Immediate individualized access
  • A printable PDF study guide licensed for individual use
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Frequently Asked Questions

How to give members access to the group
  • After you register your group, you will be given access to the “My Account” page.
  • Under the My Account page
  • Click on the Groups tab (Note, this is only available with a Groups purchase)
  • Click on “Add Members”
  • Registration Link (Best for large groups) can be used on your website or anywhere you take registrations
  • Individually invitations (best for small groups). Send a personal invite email to your invitees.

How to add additional members to your group

Every member takes up a “seat” in your group. You can always add additional seats later so we recommend starting with a minimum and adding additional “seats” later.

  • Click on the Groups tab (Note, this is only available with a Groups purchase)
  • Under “Group Settings” Click on “Add Seats”.
  • You will be redirected to the checkout page to add more seats.
Do you have additional training for facilitators?

Yes! Facilitator guides and training are coming soon.

Gather community.

This series is meant to be done in a community. Jesus is with you (Immanuel) and is always in community with the Father and the Spirit. Jesus is always teaching and healing in community so we want to follow that example here. There is something valuable about being vulnerable with trusted friends which expedites the “knowing” process. So, before diving in, gather your tribe, your friends, your family, your team, and commit to a regular time and space for the meeting!

Group Size

From our experience, 5-10 people is the optimal group size. Choose a leader of the group, not a teacher, but a facilitator to keep things organized, moving and on point.

Pre-Video Questions

Each section begins with a few Pre-Video questions to answer by yourself before meeting with your community. There is no performance anxiety here. There are no correct or incorrect answers. We want you to think deeply about the things you perceive to be true. You don’t need to look up definitions or cite verses. Just answer truthfully about how you think about the concepts we are presenting.

Come to your community prepared to have a 30-minute discussion about your answers. Remember, there are no correct or incorrect answers. It is important to recognize the formation of your beliefs in order to participate in the transformation of those beliefs if necessary (Romans 12:1-2).

Starting at Week 2, begin your meeting time by checking in with each other on your action steps from the previous week and encourage each other towards love and good deeds! Then dive into discussing the Pre-Video questions.

Watch the 30-Minute Video

Watch the videos together! This will take about 30 minutes.

Post-Video Discussion

Engage in discussion with the Post-Video questions. The length of this discussion can be determined by the facilitator. Leave room for the Holy Spirit to work.

Within a short time of the community meeting, preferably the next day while concepts are still fresh in your mind, write in your listening prayer journal as the ACTION STEPS direct.

Starting at Week 2, begin your meeting time by checking in with each other on your action steps from the previous week and encourage each other towards love and good deeds! Then dive into discussing the Pre-Video questions.

Please be sure to use the Knowing Rediscovered Study Guide to get the most out of the video sessions.

There are pre-video questions that should be answered before you come to your group.

These questions will be discussed before you watch the video together. Then there are post-video questions to be discussed together as a debrief after the video.

Finally, there are action steps based on what you are learning as a follow up before you meet again.

Pray and prepare your heart.

You will get out of it what you put into it.  Pray for each person in your group by name.  Pray to hear from God during your time together.


Prepare snacks for the first meeting. You can download a snack sign-up sheet here.  Snack sign-up sheet for your other meetings.  Download one Snacks.

  • Check Video and Audio in advance of your meeting.  Don’t wait until the last minute. 
Set-up Video Connection

If your computer has an HDMI output make sure you have an HDMI cable that is long enough to reach from the computer to the television.   Some computers and laptops such as Apple computers require a thunderbolt to HDMI adapter.

Many devices can mirror your screen onto the TV including AppleTV, Chromecast, Amazon Firestick.

A quick Google search for your exact computer and TV can help you set it up. 

Check Audio 

Audio will usually play through your HDMI cable to your television. 

Check your sound settings to make sure it is playing back on HDMI, audio jack, or Bluetooth.   

Move to the back of the room to make sure your audio can be heard throughout the room.


Food and drinks make gatherings merry.


Childcare during the gathering is recommended. Discuss it with your group in advance to make arrangements.


Watch how to add group members



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