Kris McLaughlin

Those who know Kris well would likely tell you she has a fierce tenderness for receiving people as they are. But even more vital to her is the hope that one day they will come to do the same for themselves. You don’t leave a conversation with her wishing you’d said more about yourself, because somehow Kris makes you feel safe in the moment to offer it up. You even experience her gratitude for how it helps her understand you more.

Though Kris received training through a Professional Coaching university program, it’s the countless hours of time logged face-to-face with people which is the foundation of her practice. That, in combination with elements of her own journey, has fostered an ability to partner with clients from varying walks of life.

Kris and her husband, Tom, consider their nearly 3-decade friendship with Jamie and Donna one of their truest gifts. The chance to work together now within the vision of Identity Exchange, fulfills a long time dream for Kris as the concepts around identity have significantly impacted and transformed her personally.

In addition to staying connected to their 3 grown kids, you can also find Kris behind the camera filming her husband who is a known woodworker on TV and online. Together they produce content to inspire creativity and innovation in others around the world. And when the weather’s right, you’ll find Kris taking long walks in her beautiful NH town, with music in her ears, or a book on her Kindle.