Kristie Sartell

Kristie Sartell operates as an agent of healing by creating an atmosphere of unconditional love and acceptance through identity coaching, spiritual direction and training leaders. When she met the Winships in 2015, they discovered their shared passion for identity. She credits the process of exchanging false identities for true identities for much of her own freedom and has integrated it as a core value into the spiritual direction she offers.

Kristie has a Masters in Spiritual Formation from The Portland Seminary and is a certified Spiritual Director, and currently serves as Identity Exchange Coaching Team Lead. Since 2008 she has been practicing spiritual care with an identity-centric lens of the Enneagram and the Drama triangle. Kristie is passionate about healing the toxic effects of shame by helping clients identify and work through life long blocks with the IE process.

She and Nate are raising two high school aged daughters in Portland, Oregon. When they’re not avidly cheering on the Timbers soccer team, they enjoy walking their dogs, hiking and spending time with friends.



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