Matt Doud

Matt Doud is an entrepreneur and podcaster in the Kansas City Metro Area. He lives with his wife Stephanie and son Nash and is eagerly awaiting the birth of another son in July 2020.

Matt’s favorite job ever was caddying at Pebble Beach Golf Club in Monterey, CA, where he realized he loved the role of advisor and coach. Eventually he put his Westmont College business degree to use when he became a financial advisor in Portland, OR. Then in 2013 he became the co-founder of a software company where he now serves as CFO and Director of Operations. Recently he has added podcasting to his repertoire. As co-host of the Renegade Atlas, he explores a variety of topics related to life and health in the Kingdom of God.

Learning to hear God and know his identity has been absolutely life changing for Matt. He first heard Jamie Winship speak in 2015 and it was the catalyst for dramatic change in his life. In 2016 he met Jamie for the first time and began to learn the Identity Exchange principles of transformation. As a Tiller of the Soil, he breaks new ground that leads people to freedom. Matt loves to ask questions and introduce perspectives that challenge paradigms and help clients discover new ways to think about who they were created to be. Ultimately he wants people to know who they are in Christ and what is possible for them when they walk closely with Him living fearlessly in their true identity!



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