Coaching: Keli DeWitt


Identity Exchange Coaching is for individuals who have completed Knowing Rediscovered and still feel like they could use some additional guidance in the Identity Exchange process. Our coaches are trained to guide you to overcome obstacles, receive truth, and live fearlessly in your true identity.

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About Keli

When Keli DeWitt received her identity in the kingdom, everything started to make sense. No wonder she felt most vibrant breaking down big ideas into manageable parts, navigating delicate situations between differing parties, and helping others see abstract concepts in practical metaphors: that’s what an Interpreter of Truth does! As a capstone, Keli received certifications in Life Coaching and Positive Psychology, adding another element to her life experiences.

Living cross-culturally on three continents as a wife to David, an entrepreneur, a mother to their children, and an integrated member of her community, Keli developed a passion for distilling information into consumable pieces that have the potential to transform lives.

Keli met Jamie and Donna when their families overlapped for a season in the Middle East. As Identity Exchange expanded to include coaching, Keli was thrilled to join and be part of helping people learn to walk fearlessly in their true identities! She works from her home in the Atlanta area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the sessions confidential?

Yes. There is supervision from a Lead Coach but your confidentiality is always a priority and protected.

Do you offer sessions with couples or families?

At this time, we only offer individual sessions.