Coaching: Steve Petermeyer


Identity Exchange Coaching is for individuals who have completed Knowing Rediscovered and still feel like they could use some additional guidance in the Identity Exchange process. Our coaches are trained to guide you to overcome obstacles, receive truth, and live fearlessly in your true identity.

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Steve began his career after graduating from Oregon State University.  Working for a nonprofit for the first 16 years with a focus on relational development, Steve used his strength as a mentor learning techniques to help individuals through difficult life patterns.

Turning to Real Estate Steve built a successful career that included purchasing and growing a real estate office that eventually grew to 240 agents. Now Steve continues in coaching individuals to recognize unhelpful narratives that inhibit growth to guide through discovery and create a new way of thinking that leads to freedom.

Steve and his wife Marilyn live in Portland with three children and 8 grandchildren.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the sessions confidential?

Yes. There is supervision from a Lead Coach but your confidentiality is always a priority and protected.

Do you offer sessions with couples or families?

At this time, we only offer individual sessions.