Knowing Rediscovered (Individual License)


Unlock the transformative power of learning to know the way Jesus did.

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Learn to hear God’s voice.

Discover your true Christ identity

Uniquely nurture the relationships you are in.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you didn’t know what to do? Have you ever been in a conversation where you are desperately asking God for the right words?

Jesus’ capacity to know enabled him to live fearlessly in his true identity. He never imitated anyone or used a formula. He could connect with people in a way that uniquely nurtured each relationship because he was securely connected in the Father’s love. He knew that forgiveness could overcome any obstacle.

How did he know where to go? Who to talk to? What to say? Who to heal? He could hear from God and he could see what God was doing. This knowing did not come out of rote disciplines but was fueled by a deep connectedness to the One who knows all. It’s not about what you know, but how you know.

This study helps you learn how to know the way Jesus knew. In six sessions you will learn the Biblical concepts of hearing from God, discovering your unique identity in HIs Kingdom, and overcoming obstacles.

This is what Jesus was modeling for us. How to know how to know! It’s the inner motivation that led him to powerfully connect and initiate transformation in people and entire communities. It’s his secret sauce, the game-changer. And, it can be yours too!


"We use Knowing Rediscovered with every group of international interns we have. It is like a light switch that turns on their identities and draws them more fully into who they were made to be. It's a catalyst for incredibly deep and productive conversations leading to genuine life change."

Debs Walker

Director of 7More, Houston TX, Recipient of Team John Legend Local Changemaker Award

"Knowing Rediscovered has been a catalyst which prompts honest discussion in more than 70 of our small groups. Jamie and Donna's teaching and stories reveal a clear understanding of how to better discern the voice of God, receive and release forgiveness, and to operate confidently in true identity.

Derek Harden

Lead Pastor, Christ Fellowship Church, Kingsport TN