Steve Petermeyer

Steve Petermeyer was Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and resides with his wife Marilyn in Portland, Oregon. Steve likes to be the first in, preparing the way for people to experience lasting, spiritual transformation. Steve operates in the identities of Father to the Fatherless, Tip of the Spear and Ground Breaker.

Since 1993 Steve has built a successful career as a realtor, including ownership of a real estate national franchise. Steve, along with his wife Marilyn have always shared a vision of supporting young adults. They have volunteered their time through Young Life for 35 years. In 2010, Los Angeles became a focus and Steve eventually ended up living half time in Southern California mentoring and encouraging people in the entertainment industry. Steve is passionate about facilitating a true spiritual movement of people living fearlessly in their true identity. This period of time in California laid the groundwork for Identity Coaching opportunities around the country. Steve met Jamie Winship in 2014 and became an Identity Exchange Coach in 2018.

Steve and Marilyn have three grown children and Eight grandchildren all living in the Seattle area.



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