An Identity Method Workshop for Educators



You see the potential of every student.
Now discover the potential in yourself. 


with Jamie Winship 


“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”
- Einstein


As educators, you commit your lives to help students learn and thrive. You see the potential in each student but may not see it in yourself. Young people today are experiencing a crisis of identity on an epidemic scale. So, what about you? You can't give away what you don't have.  

A culture of achievement creates competition and pressure to succeed. Social media creates comparison and a need for approval. Uncertain times create fear and anxiety. Chronic anxiety leads to depression, substance abuse, and even suicide. There is an internal voice that says, “I am not enough.” These negative thought patterns and resulting behaviors are often treated on the surface instead of at the root. 

Identity Method workshops help individuals identify core belief systems and develop a clear understanding of the inner conflict between a “false identity” (wrong beliefs about yourselves) and a “true identity” (knowing your inherent value). 

Our training provides educators with the tools needed to facilitate transformation on an identity level:

  • Eliminate conflict
  • Optimize resiliency
  • Access creativity

What people are saying

I invited Jamie to work with all of the administrators in my district. I was able to watch firsthand the transformation in their mindsets over a series of meetings as they were led through the Identity Method workshop. Several participants were able to articulate the impact on their practices as a result of learning to operate from their true identity rather than from a place of fear.

Jeff Moorhouse
Kingsport City Schools Superintendent

Discovering my true identity through the work with the Identity Method workshopfa brought a new freedom and understanding to how I operate in my daily life. This changed everything as I recognized who I was made to be. It strengthened me, and allowed me to give my personal best to others. Knowing my true identity helps me keep my focus on my purpose and gives me direction in every situation I face throughout the day.

Ami Frye
KCS teacher 4th Grade

As an educator currently serving in my thirty-first year with a public school district (20 years at the high school level & 11 years at the middle school level), I have seen initiatives and programs come and go. The work associated with IDENTITY is by far the most effective and rewarding in terms of breaking through the barriers to student success. When people/students put in the work to know who they really are, they begin to walk in a new way that empowers them and those around them.

Scott Jones, Ed.S.
Church Hill Middle School





Session 1: Understanding the separation worldview
Session 2: Understanding the connection worldview 

Session 3: The conflict narrative and the false identity 
Session 4: The creative challenge narrative and true identity


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About Jamie Winship

After a distinguished career in law enforcement, Jamie Winship had a unique opportunity to bring his identity-centric approach to transformation to the field of education. He earned an MA in English and accepted a position at a university in Indonesia. Jamie developed a unique language acquisition program based on the Identity Method premise: identity transformation is the key to acquiring new levels of learning in any field.

His work drew the attention of Fulbright and other educational institutions which extended his work worldwide over the past several decades. Jamie has worked with leaders in professional sports, business education, law enforcement, government, non-profit and other sectors. Jamie and his wife, Donna, are co-founders of Identity Exchange®, providing training and consulting on the transformative power of living fearlessly in your true identity.