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Workshops for groups to discover their identity.

Resolve Conflict
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Transformed individuals, transform communities.

  • Do you desire more for your community?
  • Do individuals in your community have a fight or flight response to daily situations?
  • Is there an unhealthy competition and comparison taking place on your team?
  • Have you tried to address unhealthy triggers and coping mechanisms without success?
Help your community exchange fear for peace.

When people are dealing with their own inner conflict,  it produces outer conflict.   An Identity Exchange Private Workshop helps individuals resolve inner conflict so they can live fearlessly in their true identity.

At your workshop, the Identity Exchange team will lead a focused and experiential half-day, full-day or weekend retreat to help individuals discover their true identity.  Receive practical applications for team building, collaboration and creative problem-solving.

Participants will identify triggers and coping mechanisms of the false identity that lead to feelings of shame, guilt, and fear resulting in unhealthy outcomes of competition, comparison, and fight or flight responses to daily situations. Then freedom, joy and peace are the new outcomes of living fearlessly in their true identity!

What our clients have to say….

Our time spent with Identity Exchange changed the course of my company. The experience we had in the Identity Exchange team’s careful hands and heart impacted us so deeply that my people are still talking about it almost a year later. An afternoon spent with Identity Exchange will shift the goals and dreams of your company and life in the most unexpected and refreshing way! I am still seeing gains in almost every area explored: financial, corporate, and relationships.

Abbie Cobb

Actor and co-founder of Actors for Actors Studio, Hollywood, CA

Through truth telling and freedom principles, Identity Exchange has helped transform the way I think and live. This has impacted not only my life and business but all my relationships and given new meaning and possibilities to the future.

Steve Petermeyer

Real Estate Broker/Investor, Portland, OR

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Inner conflict is creating outer conflict amongst your team. We can help. 

Transformed individuals

Workshops take place over a half-day, full-day or weekend retreat.

Transformed communities

Watch individuals live fearlessly in their true identities.

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