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An in-depth, self-paced course on the transformative power of living in your True Christ Identity! 


Yes, I want to know when the Becoming What You Believe  course is released.

Discover What Other People Have Experienced

"How do I put it into words?! Transformed how I think and interact with God completely. Single most transformational experience of my spiritual life. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I know it blew all expectations out of the water.""
~ Heidi
“I feel like I finally have a more holistic view of relating to God and with a language/approach that I can embrace and live out everyday in my own unique way. I've been on the journey of seeking deeper intimacy with God, listening prayers, healing and prophetic ministries but often times, the language they use is very heavy and difficult to tell if some of the emphasis is due to "brand positioning" or truth. All that made me feel very religious/lack of freedom and get frustrated when "nothing happens". But through this course, I was able to get out of all these boxes and finally feel like there's a normalcy and accessibleness to God.”
~ Mike
"Identity Exchange helped me build my confidence that I CAN hear Gods voice!"
~ Brian
"Exceeded my expectations.  It helped me redefine my worldview and honestly made me want to approach God."
~ Mike