I’ve been to the best business school in the country and work with top CEOs around the world. Identity Exchange has the missing ingredient in effective business leadership: Identity. I thought this level of consultation would take a year. I had my breakthrough before lunch.
— Advisor to Top Execs Worldwide
As a professional actor, learning my true identity has equipped me with dreaming in place of fear. My Identity Exchange has changed the fabric of my day to day life and relationships. I no longer need to shut off my heart to survive.
— Aqueela Zoll, Actor, Los Angeles
Whether I’m faced with a hitman bent on killing me or staying ahead of my teenager at home, without question, I know I can walk into any situation armed with the confidence of my true identity. Identity Exchange showed me how to get there.
— Doug Bercume, Federal Law Enforcement Officer

Identity is the key to unlocking potential in the workplace. When your team is operating out of their true identities, the company vision is activated and employees are optimal. Professional development goes to a new level with identity at the center. Inquire for types of consultation sessions available. Rates begin at $2,000.

Interested in having Jamie or Donna speak at an event, conference or small group? Get in touch for booking options. Rates begin at $500. Non-profit rates and scholarships available.

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About Identity Exchange

Identity Exchange™ and Identity Exchange Consulting™ are part of a 501(c)3 (status in process) non-profit organization focused on transforming communities marked by wellness, health, and peace, equipped to transform other communities. Identity Exchange™ offers consultations and trainings across all sectors of society including education, law enforcement, government, corporate, and non-profit orgs, providing strategic leadership tools, professional development, team building, conflict resolution, and personal transformative coaching.