A self-paced, eight module, in-depth course diving into teachings and practices that lead to lasting transformation and living fearlessly in your true identity.

  • Hear and receive from the loving God
  • Exchange your lie-based thinking for God’s truth
  • Live out your identity and destiny in the Kingdom
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Becoming What You Believe Online Course


8 In-Depth Modules in Full HD Video with lifetime access to the course. This course is self-paced and will require about  6-8 hours per module. The topics include: 

  • Session 1: Becoming Alive
  • Session 2: Becoming Kingdom-Minded
  • Session 3: Becoming Connected
  • Session 4: Becoming a Listener
  • Session 5: Becoming Your True Self
  • Session 6: Becoming Free
  • Session 7: Becoming Healed
  • Session 8: Journey of Becoming

Each module contains 5 sections.  

  • Word: Read through passages of scripture
  • Watch: 40-60 minute video teaching 
  • Wisdom: Read and reflect on the summary of teaching
  • Work: Respond to the questions with prayerful intention 
  • Wonder: Daily listening exercises and journaling

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“Your new course is phenomenal... The idea density is unbelievable... I find myself rereading, relistening...with Joy. I feel as if I was progressing WITH the course. Not THROUGH the course. And that I was spiritually IN it... Not just doing another course. The course itself is an experience. Something that I believe is very hard to capture behind a computer screen. ”

Doug B.

“I feel like I finally have a more holistic view of relating to God and with a language/approach that I can embrace and live out everyday in my own unique way. I've been on the journey of seeking deeper intimacy with God, listening prayers, healing and prophetic ministries but often times, the language they use is very heavy and difficult to tell if some of the emphasis is due to "brand positioning" or truth. All that made me feel very religious/lack of freedom and get frustrated when "nothing happens". But through this course, I was able to get out of all these boxes and finally feel like there's a normalcy and accessibleness to God.”


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